In advance of this year’s Reformation Festival here is the sermon Why the Reformation is Worth Celebrating from Bob Wilson, pastor of Sola Church, delivered last year at at Midway Baptist.

Enjoy and Semper Reformanda!

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We are fast approaching our 2013 Reformation Festival!

This year we are planning multiple bounce houses, great costumes, drawings, and games plus lots and lots of candy as we mark the anniversary of the beginning of The Protestant Reformation.

Please make plans to stop by and see us on this special evening!  You can find all the information HERE.

If you are a church member who is interested but not currently signed up here are ways you can contribute and who can help you:

Candy Donation (Church Office)
Site Setup (Bro. Joe)
Trunk-or-Treat (Bro. Jonathan)
Games (Bro. Jeff)

Midway Baptist Church believes that studying the history of the church is important.

Currently we are putting this priority into practice in two ways: the first is our Sunday Morning study of the Five Solas of the Reformation and the second is our Sunday Evening study through church history.

The helpful folks at the White Horse Inn have posted an interview with W. Robert Godfrey, professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary titled Lessons from Church History which makes a wonderful supplement (or appetizer) to both of those studies.

We encourage you to care out 30 minutes to give it a listen.

You can stream the audio below or download the MP3 HERE (right click and select Save As).

Recently the ACTeens of Midway raised money to send to Sweet Sleep, a charitable organization devoted to providing beds to orphans in underdeveloped locations.  You can find out just how this ministry is making an impact around the world HERE.

Below you will see the thank you letter we received from Sweet Sleep.  Way to go ACTeens!


When it comes to Jesus and His people is there any way to tell truth from error, the real from the fake?

Join us on Sunday Mornings in October as we look at this most important issue in a new sermon series based on the 5 Solas of the Reformation (don’t worry if you don’t know what those mean yet) that will help you understand Authentic Christianity.

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