Midway is launching a ministry for young adults designed to help those in that age group navigate the waters of life and faith.
This ministry will start with a get-together on the evening of February 1st, 2015 at Daniel and Rachael Lowhorn’s house.  More details will follow soon but we hope this message will serve as a kind of save-the-date.
Also, please remember that we believe connections across generational lines are important to Christian growth and thus, while this ministry is for the benefit of young adults, we greatly hope that not only young adults will participate!  Our hope is to have adult believers from all age ranges and walks of life involved.  If you are interested you can see Bro. Jeff for more information.

Over the Christmas season Bro. Nick, our former staff member, gave an update at Members Meeting about how we can pray for his family and his ministry at Centerville Christian Fellowship.

We asked him to record a video for those who weren’t able to attend the meeting.  Here it is: