This is a video of Jonathan Enix, MBC’s Minister to College Students and Young Adults, performing his song “A Mourning in C# Minor.”  We post it here to aid those who mourn.  You can find the lyrics below the video.


Love will grow, it cannot die

Though in life’s course a pain can rise

That pressures hard the heart that knew

the joy of ignorance in youth.


The more we know the more we feel

The hopelessness of life not healed

Yet ignorance is still not bliss

If we are meant for more than this.

For if no good in death we find

Then we must be to be to alive.

And if our lonely souls seek truth

Then truth must be, and love is proved.


In short, our pain calls us to see

The way that things are meant to be.

For we all bear the Image of

Our God enthroned in Heaven above.

In conflict with his holiness

In Christ alone we find our rest.

He holds us fast even in death.

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