Our reading group starts on June 6th and Bro. Jeff recommend the title we’ll be going through – Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times – highly!  Please make plans to join us!  Of course, with summer travels and events no participant can be at every meeting but being at the ones you can will be, I trust, very beneficial.  Details are below.

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The summer reading/discussion group will start on Saturday, June 6!  If you are a regular attender, please add this to your calendar—and confirm that you will be part of the summer group

If you’re not a regular or if it’s been sometime since you were part of the group, this is an invitation—please make plans to join us.  And let me know your plans to attend.

We will be reading Renaissance:  The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times by Os Guinness.  Also, go ahead and order your copy of the book.  Even if you can’t attend the reading group, I’d encourage you to purchase and read the book.

I’m hoping that our first session can be a video of Dr. Guinness speaking about Renaissance. He recently gave this talk at the Acton Institute in Michigan.  When I inquired when the video would be online, the good folks at Acton said they would do me one better—they’d just send me a CD of the talk.  Hopefully, I’ll have that talk for our first meeting/discussion on June 6.

Here are three introductory quotes from Renaissance which will give you an idea of where Dr. Guinness goes in the book.

After half a millennium of dominance, the West is being eclipsed in the global era, the United States as the lead society in the West stands on the verge of relative if not absolute decline, and much of the Christian Church in both Europe and North America is in a sorry state of weakness, confusion, unfaithfulness and cultural captivity.

The truth is that the greatest enemy of the Western church is not the state or any ideology such as atheism, but the world and the spirit of the age.Anything less than a full-blooded expression of the Christian faith has no chance of standing firm against the assaults and seductions of the advanced modern world. So when the church becomes worldly, she betrays her Lord, and she also fails to live up to her calling to be dangerously different—and thus to provide deliverance from the world by a power that is not of the world.

What we also need is a constructive overarching vision of Christian engagement in today’s advanced modern world, one that is shaped by faith in God and a Christian perspective rather than by current wisdom, and one that can inspire Christians to move out with courage to confront the best and worst that we may encounter.

A very helpful review of Renaissance, with lots of quotes, can be found online at the website of the Australian ethicist and apologist Bill Muehlenberg.

Time: 8:30-10:00 a.m. – Saturday mornings
Location:  Peachtree Learning Center
Address: 420 N. Walnut (at the intersection of Walnut and 4th streets)

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